Our Services

What we do:


  • Commercial, industrial & retail developments 
  • Educational facilities 
  • Multi storey buildings 
  • Refurbishments projects 
  • Structural reports on all types of property and structures 
  • Structural engineering design services 
  • Extensions and new builds 
  • Structural Calculations 
  • Building Regulations & planning approval 
  • Piling and ground beam slabs foundation designs 
  • Structural designs in steel, concrete, timber, aluminium and glass
  • Drainage design 
  • Party wall surveys 
  • Foundations and retaining structures 
  • Spread footing, piled foundations, sheet pile & reinforced concrete retaining walls.

Some of our services but not limited to, we work alongside Architects, builders, all commercial and domestic, developers and interior designers.

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineers have carried out multiple and various projects across the United Kingdom and overseas providing our clients with the best possible designed outcome.

Our designs are crucial in providing our clients with the highest value specifications for your planning and build.

We work closely with Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and other consultants to jointly plan and manage projects from domestic, commercial, industrial and leisure developments 

Expert witness

For many years our MD, Phil Heaton, has assisted in resolving contractual disputes before they got to Court. Sometimes disputes do get to Court and in this environment the expertise of our MD, Phil Heaton, has been proven invaluable in settling claims as a Court appointed Expert.

We can support you through any construction-related dispute and help guide you through the procedures bringing value to the process.

Party Wall

Your Party Wall Award should be agreed at the earliest stages of construction planning. The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is still not fully complied with outside the London Boroughs yet remains a mandatory requirement. Although London has had party wall legislation for over 100 years due to the many crowded streets, the provinces have not yet fully embraced this important piece of legislation causing disappointment, frustration, anxiety and worse for many home owners.

Our MD Phil Heaton is well versed in party wall procedures and has excellent knowledge in all aspects of construction. Phil will personally advise and represent you during the Party wall process

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 was partly set out to ensure any damage caused by work on a neighbouring property can be identified and therefore put right properly with accountability through the legislative Act.

Our job as party wall surveyors is to facilitate the process and act impartially to all parties involved regardless of who is the appointing owner. A schedule of condition of the adjoining neighbours’ property is recorded before any work is carried out.

This then protects both parties in the event of a claim.

This Award document will clearly outline your rights and responsibilities and who can do what? Where? And when? 

In the event of any damages or claims against you we would check the schedule of condition and inspect any damages caused during the build. We would then agree any repairs or compensation in lieu of actually carrying out the work of the aggrieved neighbour accepts this solution.

Structural Surveys

Buying a new home? Insurance Claim? Mortgage application?

Our Structural Engineers are experienced in carrying out all types of structural surveys on all types of buildings.

Our Structural Engineers will carry out detailed visual structural inspections and issue any recommendations for uncovering of parts of the building if problems are identified, in order to recommend appropriate remedial action.

Rest assured our Structural engineers will produce a detailed report to identify any structural distress and provide solutions to defects.

For Home Owners

We understand that for most people you won’t need a Structural Engineer very often, so here is how it works.

We are happy to help guide you through your home renovations.

We try to keep the process as simple as possible and we are on hand to help from start to completion 

Our Working Process


Get In Contact

We will firstly ask you to send across your plans. Don’t worry if you don’t have those in place yet we can help you with that too.


Home/ Project Visit

Once you have accepted our quote, where necessary our experienced Structural Engineer will visit your site at a time to suit you.



Our Structural Engineer will then design your projects plans/reports/calculations and have them back to you in as little as 48 hours in some cases. We are then on hand for any advice needed through to completion.

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